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Picture this: a sprinkle of fairy dust, a dash of random imagination, a pinch of stardust and voila! You’ve got a one-of-a-kind pair of magical earrings!

Each pair is handcrafted to add a pop of color and a pinch of playfulness to your ensemble. From dainty rainbows dancing on your lobes to polkadot wonders that whisper secrets of fun, our earrings are like tiny portals to a land where joy reigns supreme. So, whether you're strolling through a sunny meadow or dancing under a starry sky, let "Rainbows and Polkadots" be your delightful companions on this magical journey called life!

The latest magic!

Our newest jewelry collection is a whimsical journey where each piece tells a tale. Glistening like drops of stardust, our earrings twirl with the elegance of fairies' wings. Dive into our collection and let your soul wander in realms where beauty knows no bounds and dreams take flight on silver and gold.

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✨I Make Magic for your Ears✨

Step into the enchanted world of wearable polymer clay wonders, where whimsy dances with the sun ☀️ and moon 🌙 , and magic is crafted into every earring.


Meet Ella, (That’s me!) - The mastermind behind these miniature marvels, whose fingertips wield the power to transform humble clay into wearable art that sparkles with celestial charm.

In my fantastical realm, each earring tells a story of its own, whispering secrets of the cosmos and capturing the essence of lunar beams and solar rays. From crescent moons adorned with shimmering stars to sun-kissed designs that radiate warmth, my creations are a symphony of imagination and craftsmanship with a little touch of stardust.


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